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Frequently Asked Questions

What is property management?

In general, property management is the day-to-day operations associated with maintaining a rental property. These operations often include: collecting rent, responding to tenant inquires, coordinating or performing maintenance/repairs, distributing rental income to Owners, evicting tenants who fail to pay rent, conducting inspections, coordinating municipality inspections, and paying property expenses.

What is your property management fee?

The monthly management fee is 8%-10% of the rent, depending on the scope of services. There is a minimum management fee of $125. Please see our Fee Schedule under the Services tab for more detailed information.

What is the fee for putting a tenant in the property?

The leasing fee is usually one months' rent. This fee is paid anytime the property is rented out by a new tenant. The fee covers advertising and marketing your property, showing it to applicants, and screening all potential tenants. Please see our Fee Schedule under the Services tab for more detailed information.

What is the fee for evictions?

Although we reduce the risk of eviction by screening tenants heavily at the front-end, eviction may still become necessary. For our current Owners, the cost for eviction is $250. Owners remain responsible for charges associated with removing tenant's abandoned personal items from a property.

I'm not a current Owner and I have a bad tenant. Can you help with eviction?

Yes. If you are a new Owner, and you currently have a tenant you would like to evict, we can assist with that process. In most cases a simple, uncontested eviction can be handled for about $350.

Can we use our own contractor/maintenance in addition to or instead of your resources?

Yes. If you have preferred contractors or repairmen you can absolutely use them.

Where do you manage properties?

We manage properties in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, Montgomery County, and Prince George's County.

Do you do 'Section 8' rentals?

Yes. We work with a number of properties where tenants pay rent through a voucher program. There are benefits and drawbacks to these programs. Please contact us to learn more.

What fees do you charge on vacant units?

Generally we don't charge fees on vacant units that we are in the process of marketing (marketing and associated costs are covered by the leasing fee). The only time you would be charged a management fee on a vacant unit is if during that month, we have coordinated repairs or renovations to the property.

Do you handle lead inspections?

Yes. We do not personally conduct the inspection, but we can coordinate with a licensed lead inspector to perform one for your property. As of January 1, 2015, there are new laws regarding lead inspections. All Owners of rental properties built before 1979 must obtain a lead free certificate and register the property with Maryland Department of the Environment. Please contact us to learn more.

I am unhappy with my current property manager, how do I terminate my relationship with them and switch to you?

You should review your contract with your current property manager to see your options. You may have to give notice to your current company, or wait a certain period of time before cancelling. Also, there may be important documents that your current manager needs to send to us.